Server scripts

These scripts are freely available for you to download, customise and use for your own purposes.

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Setting up Ubuntu

This needs a clean installation of Ubuntu and will install and configure  SSH, firewalls, antivirus, a mail relay and other software to prepare and secure your VPS. If you do use this you will need to edit the code to add your own information (such as email addresses).



This is an infrastructure monitoring system that can be used to keep track of all your servers, sites and other equipment and services. It enables you to keep abreast of all your digital tools, monitor them and be made aware the minute they stop working.



ModX is a CMS that works a little differently to other similar software. It allows you to create sites using HTML, CSS and JS. Of course, you can add a number of dynamic features using PHP but most of what you need has already been written for you and is freely available.



This is an advanced CMS that gives you a lot of professional options. It can be used for small sites all the way up to larger ones that multinational corporations might employ.



Joomla is another CMS, similar to Wordpress. It is considered to be a little more advanced in some respects but doesn't have the same range of addons that Wordpress does.



You won't find a Wordpress script here because there are already such good alternatives such as Webinoly and Wordops. You should use one of these if you want a Wordpress website.